Media/Infleuncer Relations

Connectus PR can help you create quality content and reach out to targeted influencers who can increase your share of voice.

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Media Analysis

We can help you identify risks and opportunities, increasing the value of your brand and overall revenue.

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Reporting and Analytics

We can provide access to our proprietary tools to help you keep track of your brand, learn what is affecting your reputation and provide necessary reporting to help management steer decision-making.

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our customers

We offer strategic communications to companies, non-profits and organizations.  We work with customers to increase awareness of important issues, mitigate risks and protect brand value.

Our goal is to be a point person for media communications, analysis and reporting, reducing the burden on our clients.  We provide access to industry-leading technology that saves our clients acquisition costs and delivers unsurpassed measurement of communications efforts, building and protecting brand equity.


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